Clinton Appears in Latest Clark Spot

LOS ANGELES The first ad for Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark featuring footage of Clark with former President Bill Clinton breaks on Monday in New Hampshire and runs through next week, the Clark campaign said.

Produced and directed by Joe Slade White, East Aurora, N.Y., the ad features the mostly black-and-white stills used in previous Clark ads. An announcer says, “What if we could have a president who in his lifetime has seen ordinary people do extraordinary things, because he believed in them, who was decorated for valor and service to our country?”

The spot then features color video of Clinton presenting Clark with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his service in Bosnia, as the voiceover continues. “Or who helped negotiate a peace, and has dedicated his life to protecting our country, because, like you, he believes America is ready to do great things?” As the spot returns to black and white stills, the narrator calls Clark “A new American leader.” The spot is titled, “What if…”

Meanwhile, Congressman Richard Gephardt, D-Mo., released two of his previously aired spots for the first time in Michigan and Oklahoma. Produced and directed by Bill Carrick of Morris & Carrick, Los Angeles, “Struggled” is one Gephardt’s biographical commercials, with the candidate relating his family background. “My mother was a secretary and my dad delivered milk door to door,” Gephardt says in the spot. “They struggled so I could go to college. They taught me to do what’s right no matter the consequences.”

In “Matt,” Gephardt tells the story of how his son was diagnosed with terminal cancer 31 years ago, but was saved by experimental treatments the family insurance paid for [Adweek Online, Nov. 26]. In the spot, the candidate says, “As president, I’ll get rid of the Bush tax cuts to guarantee health insurance for every American.”