Cleveland Heads Home

There’s no place like home, and no place like Cleveland.
Those two ideas are intertwined in the Convention & Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland’s largest tourism campaign ever, which breaks this week.
The heart of the effort is a TV spot, in 30- and 60-second versions, that opens with a voiceover meditation on the virtues of “home.” While acknowledging that home may be where the heart is, the ad suggests that “sometimes you just want to be somewhere else. But where?” The spot then presents a variety of Cleveland cultural attractions–the symphony, art museum, zoo, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, sports teams and more–that the campaign claims make the city unlike wherever potential visitors call home.
Created by Meldrum & Fewsmith Communications in Cleveland, the $2 million campaign’s ads are tagged, “Cleveland. It’s no place like home.”
The spots, and thematically related print ads, will appear in the eight nearby markets from which Cleveland draws most of its visitors: Pittsburgh, Detroit, Toronto, Buffalo, N.Y., and Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo and Youngstown, Ohio.
Since those markets all boast their own urban entertainments, Cleveland’s pitch had to offer something unique, said David Nolan, president of the Convention & Visitors Bureau. “Our key communication is that we offer a different experience than any other hometown,” he said.
The tourism push is buoyed by co-op funding from the cultural institutions cited in the ads and from local foundations.