Clear Ink Slashes 40 Jobs

Walnut Creek-based I-shop Clear Ink, citing client hesitancy in a soft advertising environment, laid off 40 people, or about one-third of its staff, Tuesday.

“We’re getting a lot of, ‘We’re going to wait a few months before we make a decision,’ and it’s impossible for us to carry our staff three months while we wait,” said David Burk, president and chief operating officer.

The layoffs leave the company with about 80 employees.

With the Internet economy booming in 2000, Clear Ink employed 200 people before slashing payroll earlier this year. Burk said the company’s capitalized billing was $155 million for 2000.

The cuts Tuesday were across the board and similarly affected Clear Ink’s three lines of business — direct response marketing, technology services and full service advertising — Burk said.