Clarke Goward Preps First Work for Bob’s Stores

BOSTON Clarke Goward next week launches its first image campaign for Bob’s Stores since adding the $5 million account in February.

TV and radio attempts to place a face on Bob’s in the form of “Tom Donohue,” a fictitious buyer for the 35-store clothing chain based in Meriden, Conn. The effort targets men, 18-49, as well as teens, and introduces the tagline, “We know our customers and the brands they live in.”

“What we wanted to do is … define what Bob’s stands for,” said Jim Amadeo, svp, creative director of Clarke Goward, a Boston-based independent. An effort was made to “come up with something that would resonate with a diverse target audience,” said shop president Chris Lawson.

The shop assumed creative chores on the account following a review. To win the business, Clarke Goward upended a field of contenders that included Connelly Partners/CGN, Boston; the Cox Group, New York; Mintz & Hoke of Avon, Conn.; and Lang/Durham in Hartford, Conn.

Work had been in-house since the summer of 2001. “Get real” was the tag in previous advertising.