Clarke Goward Powers Up Utility Efforts

BOSTON-Clarke Goward here has unveiled ad campaigns for both Boston Edison and EnergyVision.
Print and radio ads for electricity provider Boston Edison link the company’s technological prowess and new product offerings with the compassion and expertise of its employees.
Print executions frame pictures of company staffers with light sockets. The copy in one ad, featuring systems operator Ed Herrera, begins, “The next time your lights flicker for a second and come back on, don’t thank God. Thank Ed.” The ads end with the line: “People and technology making things better.”
As utility deregulation proceeds nationally and throughout New England, it becomes increasingly important for service providers to create strong brand and product identities, said Boston Edison official Carl Gustin.
Ads for EnergyVision, a joint effort of Boston Edison and Williams Cos. in Tulsa, Okla., represent the client’s first media advertising foray and carry the tagline, “Simplifying energy through technology.”
Print executions for both campaigns are appearing in newspapers including The Boston Globe and Boston Herald, while radio ads are running on Boston-area stations.