Clark Releases Hispanic Spot in Arizona

LOS ANGELES A Spanish-language version of Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark’s biographical TV spot breaks Tuesday in Arizona only, the campaign confirmed.

The 30-second “Libertad,” produced and directed by Joe Slade White and Co., East Aurora, N.Y., offers the same creative as Clark’s introductory “Independence” spot. The ad intercuts Spanish titles, which translate to “What kind of leader will he be?” and “Responsibility,” with photos of Clark from childhood, through his graduation from West Point, in the Bosnian war theater and later on the campaign trail.

The Spanish-language narration translates the English copy verbatim: “He was never a yes-man and stood up for what he knew was right…A quiet, real American courage, he will make an extraordinary American president.” Clark performs the disclaimer in Spanish.

The ad will run for an indeterminate amount of time, a campaign representative said. Spending was not disclosed.