Clark Discusses Iraq in Latest Spot

LOS ANGELES Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark outlines his strategy for Iraq in an ad that breaks on Thursday in New Hampshire, his campaign has confirmed.

Called “Leader,” the spot features a dark close-up of Clark, interrupted only by a slate reading, “Wes Clark for president. Democrat.”

The former Army general and NATO supreme commander says: “Those who’ve gotten us into the mess in Iraq refuse to admit they were wrong, but now we need to succeed,” the candidate says. “This means putting Iraqis back in charge, international authority to help, and NATO to keep the peace until Iraqis can protect themselves…I’ve led soldiers into battle and I know that you never use force except as a last resort. I’ll get us out of this mess, and I won’t get us into another one.”

The spot was produced and directed by Joe Slade White, based in East Aurora, N.Y.

Clark’s campaign said “Leader” will also air in Oklahoma, South Carolina and Arizona. A campaign representative said the spot was shot before the Dec. 13 capture of Saddam Hussein.