Clairol Brings Back the First Black Transgender Fashion Model in Its Lovely New Campaign

Tracey Norman kept her gender identity a secret

In December, New York magazine's fashion vertical, The Cut, ran a cover story about Tracey Africa Norman, the first black transgender model to work for magazines like Essence and brands like Clairol. The story inspired Procter & Gamble's agency, Grey in New York, to reach out to Norman and ask if she would consider returning to work for Clairol's Nice 'n Easy.

Norman, now 63, agreed, and that campaign, "Color As Real As You Are," will be in print and make its television debut in early 2017. In a new short documentary, Norman tells her story—when she was modeling in the 1970s and early '80s, she kept her gender identity a secret until she was discovered during a photo shoot, ending her career—and describes what it felt like to work for Clairol. 

"Clairol really believes in the power of hair color to transform you, and so do I," said Norman in a statement. "It helped me feel feminine—like the real me. And being the real you is what the new Nice 'n Easy campaign is about."

Heather Carruthers, global Clairol associate brand director, said the "Color As Real As You Are" campaign "celebrates the confidence that comes from embracing what makes you unique and using natural color to express yourself freely."

Carruthers added, "We're honored to bring back Tracey Norman as a woman who no longer has to hide her truth. Her warm, genuine spirit and authentic approach to life make her a natural fit for the campaign."

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