CL Pushes A.T. Cross’ Web Pen

Carmichael Lynch touts the latest in pen-and-Web technology in its first work for A.T. Cross.

An ad in the December issue of Forbes features Cross’ :Convergence, a pen and scanner that allows users to scan barcodes and store bookmarks for corresponding Web pages.

Because of the new technology, ads are in-tended to both convince the consumer of the value of scanning, and sell them on the product, said Jim Scott, account director for Cross at CL, Minneapolis.

To accomplish this, the print execution prominently displays the pen and a box of golf balls, bar code showing. Copy tells of an executive who was so impressed with the golf balls he scanned the bar code to get more information, and a meeting with the engineer who developed them.

The pen uses technology licensed from Digital Convergence which has created a similar product, called a :Cue :Cat. Unlike the :Cue :Cat, which must be used while connected to a computer, Cross’ pen stores up to 100 Web sites away from the computer.

The :Convergence pen-specific ad is not an indicator of a brand campaign currently in development, Scott said. That campaign is expected to break in March. The execution displays a new logo for Cross, Lincoln, R.I., developed by CL, Scott said.

CL won Cross’ $4-6 million account in April after a review.