CJRW Helps Arkansas Fight E-Predators

DALLAS Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods has created a public service campaign for the office of Arkansas Attorney General Mike Beebe. The two spots warn about the dangers of child Internet predators.

The PSAs by the Little Rock, Ark., shop show that people chatting online with children are not always who they claim to be.

One spot opens with a black screen and white letters that say, “Buddies Currently Online.” The screen name “soccergurl1290” appears, followed by a photograph of a blonde girl. Next we see the screen name “honeybear1127” and another picture of a small girl. Then we see “bigboi988,” followed by an image of a smiling boy. Finally we see “curlytop288” and a mug shot of an arrested man.

The spot ends with Beebe surrounded by children in a classroom. He says, “I’m Arkansas Attorney General Mike Beebe. My office is working with Arkansas families to keep kids safe online and on the streets. Get the ‘Keys to Safety’ for our children.”

The second PSA follows the same format but rather than showing any actual children’s pictures, the photos are all mug shots of men interspersed with examples of lies they tell, e.g., “Age 14.”

To promote the “Keys to Safety” program, Beebe toured the state to emphasize the need for Internet safety. Beebe’s staff currently holds child-safety training for schools, family groups and law-enforcement personnel.

The PSAs began appearing statewide this month on TV, radio and in newspapers. Distribution of the single print ad is supported by a partnership with the Arkansas Press Association.