Citron, ThirdAge Return to ’60s

The sights and sounds of the 1960s are the focus of Citron Haligman Bedecarrƒ’s launch campaign for
The estimated $30 million effort, targeting 49- to 59-year-olds, breaks with a TV spot this week on CBS news and entertainment programs. It will be followed by print ads in the March issue
of More, a women’s lifestyle magazine, and additional network TV ads.
“This generation sees itself aging differently than its parents did,” said Shelly Porges, client evp of marketing. “We want to tap into the values, experiences and idealism that are unique to this age group.”
“The ads do not try to say what is on the site, but to show baby boomers this is a place for them,” said Kirk Citron, president and creative director at the San Francisco shop. “Along with icons of the ’60s, we included [insider] clues that would remind this group of their youth.”
In the initial TV spot, the song “My Generation” plays as scenes flash by. Shots of Woodstock, Martin Luther King Jr., the first lunar landing and dancing hippies are interspersed with old photos of high school dances, frozen dinners and suburban families in front of the TV. The ad then cuts to contemporary portraits of attractive gray-haired men and women in casual settings.
The onscreen headline is: “We were the eyes of the world. We were the voice of change. What next?” followed by the name of the Web site., a unit of ThirdAge Media in San Francisco, is 30 percent owned by CBS.