Citron Finds a Way to BeVocal

TV Spot Is a Witty Product Demo for Telephone Guide Service
LOS ANGELES–Those who risk their lives fumbling with maps and newspapers while driving will appreciate a new campaign by Citron Haligman Bedecarre.
The San Francisco shop, which won the estimated $5-7 million account of telephone portal BeVocal in April, has created a TV, print and outdoor campaign for the client that uses that kind of scenario.
BeVocal, Santa Clara, Calif., offers weather and traffic reports and other data to customers at (800) 4b-Vocal. “The client really wanted a product demonstration,” said Citron copywriter Dave Khoury. “We wanted to do one that was a little bit of a metaphor.”
The 30-second spot features a middle-aged man driving his car. The bespectacled, balding character smiles as a second set of hands takes the steering wheel, allowing him to read a map and newspaper.
The tagline is, “BeVocal. The answer is in your phone.”
“We were trying to communicate a brand personality that was witty,” said client marketing director Amy Mosier.
Knowing that only the most tech-savvy are using cell phones to access Mapquest and other Web sites, Mosier wanted to reach a more general market by emphasizing the personal side of technology.
The spot broke this month in Detroit and could roll out depending on its success. The outdoor and print component was launched in San Francisco, Detroit and Dallas.
The creative team at Citron also included executive creative director Matt Haligman, art director Kevin Raich, associate CDs Doug Patterson and Chris Lindau and producer Peter Bassett. K