Citibank Reviews Credit Card DM

NEW YORK Citibank has launched a review of U.S. direct marketing duties on its credit card business, currently split among more than 20 shops, sources said.

The bulk of the account, however, is handled by WPP Group’s Wunderman in New York.

The other shops handle specific tasks tied to cross-promotional deals, such as Citi’s myriad partnerships with other brands, said a source. As such, the work is multi-faceted and voluminous.

Estimated annual account revenue is $20 million.

The Long Island City, N.Y., client, which declined comment on Monday, is said to be looking to consolidate the business at one or two shops.

Wunderman, a unit of WPP’s Young & Rubicam Brands, is expected to take part in the review. An agency representative could not be reached for comment.