Citi, LinkedIn Form Network for Professional Women

Targets key demo group for Citi

Citi has partnered with LinkedIn to create the Connect Professional Women’s Network, which launched April 30. The branded community is primarily a discussion board to which members can post and comment on articles relevant to the group, but it’s also a content marketing vehicle for the financial services company.

As part of the initiative, LinkedIn will offer a special edition of its LinkedIn Today social news curator geared toward professional women. The edition will have stories from more than 300,000 publishers that LinkedIn Today regularly sources, articles shared to the group’s discussion board and content from Citi’s Women & Co. site and monthly videos featuring group members.

“In many ways it’s a way we can give professional women a voice about what it is they want to hear about, and then we can help tailor the kinds of content that we serve up to meet those needs,” Vanessa Colella, managing director and head of North American marketing for Citi, said of the initiative. Citi began talking with LinkedIn about building a branded community late last year and worked with Razorfish on the execution.

Women are a particularly important demographic for Citi. Colella said women in U.S. households make more than 80 percent of financial services decisions. Citi is running ads alongside the group’s discussion board, and the company is sponsoring a poll asking visitors if they think the recent economic upturn is sustainable.

As of the afternoon of April 30, the group numbered more than 1,100 members, 8 percent of whom are located in the greater New York City area and 2 percent of whom work in marketing and advertising. The two latter groups are the most highly represented within their categories.

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