Cisco Ad, Like the Future It Depicts, Is All Delightfully Interconnected

GSP spot ends where it begins

IDEA: The Internet of Things—or as Cisco calls it, "the Internet of everything"—is quickly advancing, as seen in the array of magically interconnected devices at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. (Teddy bear that checks your kid's vitals as she sleeps? Check.) But how to dramatize that in a TV spot?

The ad itself should be magical and interconnected, Cisco reasoned, and offer a glimpse of a near future that, in fact, is almost the present day. "It's here, it's now, it's happening," said Jon Randazzo, creative director at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. "It's not sci-fi anymore. It's upon us."

The company's new 60-second spot delightfully surveys this new landscape through the story of a near-future family man and his ordinary day—a simple today-meets-tomorrow tale that, like the brave new world it depicts, comes full circle.

COPYWRITING: A girl at home pours milk for her cat, setting in motion a chain of events that a male voiceover describes in single, nursery rhyme-like sentence (in the style of "This Is the House That Jack Built") that lasts for the whole ad.

"This is the cat that drank the milk," he begins, "and let in the dog that jumped on the woman who brewed the coffee that woke the man who was late for work and drove the car that found the parking spot that alerted the door that opened the control room that secured the data that directed the turbines that powered the sprinklers that watered the grass that fed the cow that made the milk that went to the store that reminded the man to buy the milk that was poured by the girl who loved the cat that drank the milk."

Each phrase is its own scene, featuring meow-activated cat flaps, driverless cars and instantly responsive farm-to-fridge supply chains. "One way to show really simply that everything is connected is to tell a story that loops back to itself," said GSP creative director Justin Moore. "You find that kind of narrative structure in children's books. The task for us was to apply it differently—make it less of a fairy tale and more of a relevant, interesting story."

The narrator closes with: "The Internet of everything is changing everything. Cisco. Tomorrow starts here."

FILMING/ART DIRECTION: Christopher Riggert shot the spot over five days in New Zealand, where he could achieve a global feel that wasn't too North American or European. All the gadgets featured are on the market or just around the corner (even the self-driving car). The visual look is "futuristic, but with a simple, graphic, warm palette," said Randazzo. "As gray and modern as that home is, it's still human and warm and approachable."

The theme of connection extends to the camerawork and editing. "Whether it was a dolly move or a push or [the father] floating with the camera itself, it had to feel seamlessly connected to the next shot," he said. "The voiceover, film work, cadence and editing all combine to tell this circular story, without getting tricky."

TALENT: The main actor, from Sydney, had a dramatic and comedic background. He needed to be "a guy you would like very, very quickly," said Moore. "When you're telling a high-tech story, you need some humanity and fallibility mixed in." The narrator's deep voice lent a gravitas that balanced the spot's childlike conceit.

SOUND: The score has a playful, lightly bouncy vibe—and is circular as well, returning at the end to where it began. Sound design was crucial, too, to give the sense that all the devices are talking to each other. "We didn't want to be too literal, but we wanted to hear that conversation going on," said Randazzo.

MEDIA: CNN, Bloomberg and NBA TV throughout January, and online.



Client: Cisco

Spot: "Circle Story"

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco

Partner: Rich Silverstein

Creative Director: Jon Randazzo and Justin Moore

Associate Creative Director: Bee Reynolds and Shane Fleming

Executive Producer: Hilary Coate

Group Account Director: John Coyne

Account Director: Tanin Blumberg

Account Manager: Kateri McLucas

Assistant Account Manager: Chelsea Bruzzone

Project Integration Director: Liz Clark

Brand and Communication Strategy

Group Brand Strategy Director: Kelli Robertson

Sr. Business Affairs Manager: Judy Ybarra

Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks

Director: Christopher Riggert

Director of Photography: Jeremy Rouse

Executive Producer: Holly Vega

Line Producer: Michael Hilliard

Editing House: Rock Paper Scissors

Editor: Stewart Reeves

Assistant Editor: Luke Mclntosh

Executive Producer: Carol Lynn Weaver

Head of Production: Angela Dorian

Producer: Alexandra Zickerick

Visual Effects: A52

Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall, Megan Meloth

Producer: Scott Boyajan

Lead Flame: Jesse Monsour

Flame Artists: Mark Alan Loso, Enid Dalkoff, Christel Hazard, Cam Coombs, Steve Wolff

CG Supervisor: Max Ulichney

CG Artists: Max Ulichney, Gregg Domain, Caleb Hecht, Joe Chiechi, Tim Donlevy

Graphic Design: Lisha Tan, Henry DeLeon, Leanne Dare, Lynn Cho, Jon Forsman,

Graphic Animation: Alan Chen, Sean Garfinkel, Steven Do

Roto: Tiffany German

Music House: Quickstrings

Composer: Jonathan Dreyfus

Sound Designer: Barking Owl

Audio Mix: Lime Studios

Mixer: Rohan Young

Assistant: Jeff Malen

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