Cirro, Clearwire Sign With M/C/C

M/C/C has added two startup companies to its clientroster: Cirro Corp. and Clearwire Technologies.

Combined marketing billings for both Dallas-based companies are estimated at more than $4 million for next year.

Cirro is an electricity retailer that plans to provide power in Texas next year when deregulation takes effect. The first phase of Cirro’s marketing launch will consist primarily of public relations.

Wireless Internet provider Clearwire is test marketing its service in Albuquerque, N.M. The company plans to roll out to as many as 20 markets next year, beginning in the first quarter. It will market to small and midsize businesses outside major metropolitan areas.

Clearwire is led by well-known telecom executives including Leo Cyr, formerly president and chief operating officer of Caprock Communications, and James Mansour, who has founded long-distance operations. The group has attracted$97 million for its launch.

M/C/C’s assignments for the client will include advertising, direct mail, interactive communications and public relations.

Mike Crawford, president of M/C/C, said the Dallas agency’s specialization in high tech was the reason both clients chose his shop.

“They wanted someone who could come in and hit the ground running and add value immediately,” Crawford said.

Crawford said that, like others, his agency saw a downturn in business earlier in the year. The company has reduced its staff by about five employees, mainly through attrition.

But since August, he said, “our activity has absolutely picked up and it is still going.”

“Cirro and Clearwire represent a huge opportunity,” Crawford continued. “We are excited about shaping their marketing activities.”