Cinnabon Tests Bigger Menu

Cinnabon is modernizing its image, and expanding its menu to include coffee drinks and sandwiches.
The changes are being tested at four stores in Houston, with expansion planned in other locations, according to Nation’s Restaurant News.
Much of the impetus for the menu expansion comes from declining traffic at Cinnabon locations—primarily malls and airports—and a desire to expand, as Starbucks has, to college campuses and corporate offices, per Nation’s Restaurant News. The baked goods chain isn’t a major advertiser. According to the Nielsen Co., Cinnabon only spent $10,000 on ads in 2009 (excluding online), and $5,000 through May of this year.
Cinnabon’s transformation is reminiscent of the one Dunkin’ Donuts went through when it expanded its menu beyond coffee and donuts to target a broader demographic. Most recently, Dunkin’ Donuts revamped its lunchtime lineup to include new sandwiches and wraps.
The company couldn’t be reached for comment. David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.