Cingular, Yahoo! Go on Spring Break

SAN FRANCISCO Hoping to capture the youth market, Cingular Wireless launched a spring break promotion in South Padre Island, Texas, this week with Yahoo! and its online music service, Launch.

Aiming to bring attention to Cingular’s pay-as-you-go plan, “Keep in Contact,” the advertising cross-promotion includes sponsorship of a concert Friday with reggae artist Sean Paul, online advertising on all Launch streaming music videos and in-market promotional giveaways distributed from co-branded electric cars at central locations in this spring break hot spot. Advertising spending was not disclosed.

“Cingular is really trying to reach young consumers and college students that are their target market for this plan,” said Dave Goldberg, vice president and general manager of music at Yahoo! in Sunnyvale, Calif. Linking the promotion to the music service, “allows them to build really strong bonds with consumers [because] music is one of those things that creates a powerful emotional connection.”

By combining a live event with an online promotion, the consumers are also getting a reinforcement of the Cingular brand and its connection to the music, said Goldberg. “It’s not just branding at an event . . . we actually get the consumers engaged, registered and collect information from them online,” he said.

Despite the outbreak of war, there are no plans to cancel tomorrow’s concert. “The event is still going to happen,” Goldberg said. “People are still in South Padre Island for spring break. We’re expecting a great crowd tomorrow of 1,000 to 2,000 people.”