Cingular Finds Its Place Amid ‘Angels’

ATLANTA Cingular Wireless is taking a second stab at movie product placement via a partnership with Columbia Pictures’ summer sequel, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, released today.

Ads from BBDO in Atlanta, accompanied by print, in-store and direct mail efforts, launch today as well. An Internet component developed by the Atlanta-based client, Sony Ericsson and Sony Pictures Entertainment rolls out June 30.

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle brings to life the potential of wireless data services,” said Eric Burger, director of partnership marketing for Cingular Wireless.

The wireless provider stages yearlong promotions, usually centered around gift-buying holidays and sporting events such as the National Collegiate Athletic Association “March Madness” basketball tournament. Summer, however, is the time to go Hollywood. Last year Cingular paired with Columbia for promotions surrounding Spiderman. This summer viewers will see actress Lucy Liu use her cell phone to take and transmit pictures via the company’s new photo-messaging service.

“The scene is a clear demonstration of Cingular Wireless’ capabilities in the new market,” said Burger.

When looking for product placement opportunities, Burger said he looks at scripts, at the branding of the property, how it aligns with the company’s corporate branding and at the film’s target markets.

Moviegoers will also see a Cingular billboard in the final fight scene between good angels Liu, Drew Barrymore and Carmen Diaz and bad angel Demi Moore.

Additional promotions include a TXT-4 Thrills Sweepstakes that gives participants a chance to win a 2003 Maserati Spyder and touts text messaging services, and a wireless Internet game download centered around the Angels adventures on motorcycles.

Cingular, Sony and Maserati are spending an estimated $15 million on “joint promotional efforts” to promote the movie, sources said.