Cincy Shop Imagines Zoo’s ‘Dino Zone’

CHICAGO The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden depicts animals fleeing their habitats in a television campaign touting its upcoming animatronic “Dino Zone” exhibit.

In a TV spot airing locally, from Cincinnati agency The Creative Department, elephants, penguins, cheetahs and other animals run from one side of the zoo to another as an off-screen dinosaur roars. A voiceover calls the exhibit, “The biggest event in 65 million years.”

“This campaign was especially challenging because we needed to show the size, energy and excitement of these giant beasts who had not even arrived yet,” said creative director Lauren Anderson in a statement.

An accompanying print and outdoor campaign features illustrations of dinosaurs with headlines such as, “It’s feeding time at the zoo!” and “This time the endangered species is you.”

Spending for the effort was not disclosed.