Cimarron, LRW Pose the Question, ‘So What?’

LOS ANGELES The Cimarron Group has unveiled its first campaign for Lieberman Research Worldwide.

The print campaign shows striking images with the headline “So What?” In one ad, copy beneath a picture of the Statue of Liberty reads, “Competitors are challenging your brand. So what?” In another, copy accompanying a visual of a newborn baby getting its umbilical cord cut reads, “R&D has a great new product idea. So what?” The tagline: “Turning insight into impact.” Ads drive viewers to the client’s Web site.

The rebranding effort breaks this week in business-to-business publications. Spending was not disclosed.

“All the movie studios and ad agencies use LRW,” said Nigel Williams, the chief creative officer at the Hollywood, Calif.-based agency. “It’s a very forward-thinking company. Research advertising is probably as boring as Sudoku, but what Lieberman wants to do is change the category and make it exciting.”

“In a very complex category, Cimarron boiled our unique approach down to two words found at the core of our essence,” said Dave Sackman, client CEO, in a statement. “We’re already seeing a new energy amongst both employees and clients.”

“Insight is seeing the same thing everyone else does and seeing something different,” Williams said.

Mike Tankel, director of marketing innovation at the agency, said, “It is important to show that you can tell a story and search inside a brand and find that there is something to say. With the ‘So what?’ campaign we find such an amazing truth: People like research, but research sits on the shelf. LRW is about action-ability; it’s what you do with the research.”

Tankel said the account should be a challenge for the agency because so many marketing companies themselves use LRW.