Cimarron Group’s Got Game

LOS ANGELES Ex-Activision marketer and Trailer Park consultant Matt Stainner has been named to lead Cimarron Group’s new game marketing and packaging division, C4, according to the agency.
Stainner came to Cimarron 18 months ago to head up the then-undisclosed division. He said his job was to see that “C4 would be fully integrated throughout all 180 people at the agency.”

“We want to become the next great partner for triple-A games,” Stainner said. “We didn’t want to announce the division until the rubber was ready to hit the road.”
C4 marketed Activision’s recently released Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. “Though C4 just launched, we’ve already worked with the biggest publishers in the business, and the Spider-Man title is a big part of our coming-out party,” Stainner said.
Stainner’s experience includes working on the Tony Hawk franchise as well as Call of Duty, Doom and rebranding the Pro Skater series. He acted as an in-game creative director for Activision’s Tony Hawk: Project 8.
Cimarron CEO Bob Farina said in a statement that the agency has “developed a sure sense of how to bring the promise of a visceral experience to the audience. With the establishment of C4, we have an opportunity to marry those talents with Matt’s team to make a difference in the incredibly dynamic gaming landscape.”

Stainner said C4’s edge would be bridging the gap “between entertainment franchises like movies and games, tuning it to make gamers want to be part of what happens next.” He said the division is already capable of “launching a complete brand online, with trailers, television commercials, viral videos and Web sites.”
The Hollywood, Calif., agency, long known for its movie marketing for major studios, recently incorporated the Tom Cordner-led startup shop Traffic, which handles creative for Mitsubishi Motors North America.