Chuck Meyst, president of the Sales Marketing Institute, Richmond, Va., gave pointers at a League of Advertising Agencies, New York, event last week on how a workplace tour can help shops size up potential clients, and vice versa.
In assessing the way agency executives lead potential clients through their offices on a tour, Meyst (shown here) suggested the following pointers:
Think of your potential client’s visit in terms of a tour of a car manufacturing plant. Begin the walk-through where the ideas form.
Guide them through the process, having your key people speak to the guests from their workstations, where your staff is most comfortable and where their tools of the trade are accessible.
Involve your guests. Have them vote on typefaces, for example, of certain ads created for an unrelated category. Use this exercise to identify the decision makers.
Bring guests into the conference room last, where your key staff members have assembled and are waiting to welcome the prospects.