Chock Full Of Medical Info

Oak creative director Jim Fitts believes his agency landed the opportunity of a lifetime.
Internationally renowned Children’s Hospital in Boston tapped the agency to design and produce a CD-ROM for new parents that is now nearing completion and due to arrive in stores by the end of the year. Oak’s objective is to create the most valuable interactive children’s healthcare resource available.
A division of Graphics Express in Boston, Oak hired a full-time medical illustrator and writer to help work on the assignment.
“This is a wonderful project, and an opportunity to work with this prestigious hospital and its medical staff is absolutely unique,” Fitts said. A client representative said a book is also in the works, for those who still prefer to flip through pages rather than scroll along a computer screen.
Surfing the CD-ROM is made easier by what Oak production group manager Bill Hoppe called a “drop down” navigation system, which allows users quick access to research on such topics as ear aches, crankiness and diaper rash, information often needed in a hurry.
–Judy Warner