Chobani Mixes a Bear With Bob Dylan in Its Super Bowl Ad

'Ransacked' is first big ad from Droga5

Chobani's foray into the Super Bowl mixes a bear with Bob Dylan.

In "Ransacked," the first ad from new lead agency Droga5, the bear ambles into a country store in a mountainous small town and scares customers out the door as he roars and knocks canned, boxed and bottled foods from the store's shelves.

As the beast creates a mess and a racket, a female cashier cowers on the floor behind the checkout counter. Even before the rampage begins, though, you hear the strains of Bob Dylan's 1966 classic, "I Want You."

The song changes meaning in the context of what unfolds. At the start of the 60-second ad (which will air in the third quarter of Sunday's game), the tune serves as cheerful background music, but as the bear attacks, it feels ironic, like the calm amid a storm. Once the bear settles down, however, and finds food to his liking—a honey-flavored container of Chobani yogurt that he places civilly on the counter—Dylan's words simply underscore a bear's desire.

As a folksy male voice explains, "It's hard these days to find food made with only real natural ingredients. But at Chobani, it's the only way we know how.

"Cup of yogurt won't change the world," the voice adds. "But how we make it, might." The tagline is "How matters."

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