Chips Ahoy “Oz”

All the talk about the Great Depression seems to be leading agencies to Wizard of Oz themes. GE began running a spot on the Super Bowl starring a modern scarecrow flopping around to Yip Harburg’s “If I Only Had a Brain.” A new Chips Ahoy spot from Draftfcb casts its animated cookie character in Dorothy’s role in the movie’s classic tornado scene. Mimicking the shots in the film, the cookie runs towards a modest home calling for Auntie Em as he watches a cackling witch fly by and the house becomes airborne. When the house lands, it isn’t the Wicked Witch that gets crushed but the cookie who, like in earlier spots, gets snatched by a hand that comes into the frame. He hardly gets a chance to take in his new colorful surroundings and voice the classic’s most famous line, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore … ” before he is lifted out of frame. No rainbows or happy endings here, but the spot still manages to produce a smile. –Eleftheria Parpis