Chipotle Ad Campaign Gets Meta

In the second meta fast food campaign to launch this week, Chipotle Mexican Grill is running ads explaining why it isn’t running the usual fast food ads.
The campaign, executed in house, calls attention to the lack of stereotypical images the ads contain. “We wanted to have farmers in our ads, but what sells are big burritos, not lessons in farming,” reads one banner ad. Meanwhile, a radio ad explains that “we skip conventions of fast-food radio because we skip conventions of fast-food.”
The effort, designed to both underscore the chain’s commitment to quality ingredients and to set it apart from competitors in the segment, comes as Domino’s Pizza has launched a campaign built around using real, untouched pictures of its pizzas.
Chipotle’s anti-advertising message comes as the chain has also revamped its packaging to sport what it calls “passionate ramblings” in hand-scrawled lettering “in an irreverent voice.” Sequence handled the packaging, while Compass Point Media executed the media buy.