Chillin’ Out At Dunkin’ Donuts

First Spots From Hill, Holliday Pitch ‘Coolattas’ to Parched Customers
BOSTON–Hill, Holliday, Connors Cosmopulos this week breaks its first two commercials for ¶Dunkin’ Donuts, promoting its Coolatta beverages to drive summer sales.
The product-as-hero aspect of each ad is an advance look at a package of nine spots promoting the donut chain, due after Labor Day. The spots “are about people’s love of the brand. The product is a catalyst to what happens in the spot,” said Hill, Holliday copywriter Marty Donahue.
Spending for the 6-8 week campaign was estimated at $6-8 million, representing between 20-30 percent of the client’s overall media expenditure.
One 30-second spot titled “Construction,” shows hot, sweaty workers at a dusty downtown work site who appear to be ogling pretty women. It turns out, however, that the macho men are thirsting for the cool coffee Coolattas being toted on a tray by a jovial, hard-hatted coworker.
A second Jaws-inspired spot for Fruit Coolattas features a lifeguard yelling into a megaphone at swimmers and sunbathers: “He’s back!” No, not the great white shark–or Fred the Baker–but a man dispensing Fruit Coolattas. “Come see what all the excitement is about,” the voiceover enthuses.
The icy coffee- or fruit-flavored drinks are attracting business from new consumers and have pumped new sales into the relatively slow summer months for the coffee and baked-goods chain based in Randolph, Mass., and owned by Allied Domecq in London.
“This is all incremental business,” Edward Binder, vice president of marketing for the client, said of the summer beverages. Sales through August should top $100 million, Binder said. Coolattas are also driving traffic into stores at off-peak hours, or after 11 a.m. New customers the icy drinks have drawn include: teenagers and young adults as well as mothers with children, Binder said. Spot market TV and radio buys will mirror product availability.
Hill, Holliday’s new spots will replace Coolatta ads created by Dunkin’ Donuts’ former agency, Messner Vetere Berger McNamee Schmetterer/Euro RSCG.