A Chill in the Air

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell a notch Friday amid reports of a weaker-than-expected fourth quarter. The Federal Reserve Board’s midweek hint of an interest- rate hike down the road also weakened domestic stocks, noted ad-industry analyst Alexia Quadrani, managing director at Bear Stearns. With earning reports for the first quarter not due for another six weeks, “there was some profit-taking for lack of a catalyst in the near term,” she said. One positive note looking to the next two quarters, Quadrani said, is that “international ad stocks seem to have held their own, primarily because there’s such demand to get exposure to the U.S. ad recovery.” On the Big Board, Omnicom’s shares slid 4.1 percent to close the week at $82.45, and IPG saw its stock price drop 1.8 percent to $16.54. WPP, trading as American Depository Receipts on the Nasdaq, climbed 0.8 percent to finish at $55.88.