Child’s Play

No, they weren’t a bunch of crybaby creatives just behaving like children.
They were real kids, called in to help Euro RSCG Tatham on new ads for Bayer Flintstones multivitamins.
In exchange for a few lessons on copywriting and art direction, youngsters from three schools–Martin Luther King School in Evanston, Ill., the Jefferson School in San Francisco and Nishuane Elementary in Montclair N.J.–took to the drawing board and produced new print work for the brand.
“My docter says that 25% of the vechtables kids eat are french fries. Yum! Yum!” reads one ad, with a drawing of a boy eating fries. Misspellings and all, the pictures were used in ads that are set to run in May issues of magazines including Parenting, TV Guide, People and Jet.
The agency figured the kids knew a little something about the target demographic. And considering the salaries of top creatives, the price was right: Bayer last week threw thank-you parties for the kids at their schools.
–Trevor Jensen