Children’s Medical Center Is ‘The One’

DALLAS A campaign for Children’s Medical Center created by Richards/Gravelle breaks this month with TV and radio spots, print ads and outdoor boards, the agency said.

The first of two TV spots for the Dallas hospital breaks in the Dallas-Fort Worth market on Monday, the agency said. The campaign theme is “The One,” the agency said.

“Our new campaign has the power to differentiate our brand in the marketplace while messaging pediatric healthcare facts that can be lifesaving knowledge for parents,” said Betsy MacKay, vice president of public affairs at Children’s Medical Center. “We intend to use ‘The One’ to continue to motivate and inspire our internal audiences as we work to position and raise our brand within our hospital.”

“The One” campaign examines the surprisingly high likelihood that a child will need medical care because of a health condition or accident before age 18. Components of the campaign include two 30-second TV spots, “Wheel” and “Bumper Boy,” and three 60-second radio spots, “Cardiology,” “CCBD” and “Trauma.”

In “Wheel,” a giant wheel of chance is seen spinning over a city. As it spins, a voiceover says, “The odds of a child having a medulloblastoma brain tumor are only 1 in 125,000.” The wheel of chance slows, and the viewer sees that there are children’s faces instead of numbers on the wheel. The narrator continues, “But what if your child is the one?”

The wheel then comes to rest on a young girl. The scene freezes on her face, the camera pulls back, and the viewer sees her being spun on a merry-go-round as the announcer says, “You’d want the one children’s hospital with the largest neuro-oncology program in North Texas. Children’s Medical Center. The One for Children.”

The radio spots also focus on “The One” by using statistics such as the odds of a child becoming president of the United States or the chances that he or she will catch a ball at a Major League Baseball game. The ads emphasize that CMC has the expertise, experience and facilities to handle any pediatric medical condition, no matter how rare.

“The new Children’s Medical Center campaign is as much about outreach as it is about marketing—we strive to promote the great work the people at the hospital are doing,” said David Gravelle, principal of Richards/Gravelle. “We aren’t trying to sell a product or service with this campaign. Instead, we are trying to help parents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area realize that Children’s Medical Center is a treasure.”

The campaign’s creative team includes Lynda Hodge and David Canright, creative directors; Peter Everitt, art director; David Morring, copywriter; and Bridget Fontenot, agency producer. The television production company was The Syndicate, with Stuart Parr as the director.