Chihuahua Brouhaha

Is popularity has caused a run on the breed at kennels across the country. He’s been featured on TV shows and in magazine and newspaper articles. And his cute mug and trademark phrase, “Yo quiero Taco Bell,” are now being featured on T-shirts at retailers such as J.C. Penney and Wal-Mart [Adweek, March 23].
“He” is Gidget, the talking Chihuahua who stars in TBWA Chiat/Day’s campaign for Taco Bell.
However, he is a she. And so is Dinky, the lovelorn Chihuahua who co-stars with Gidget in the spots.
“Hey, Spuds McKenzie was a girl and Lassie was a boy,” noted Chuck Bennett, the creative director at the agency’s Venice, Calif., office who created the character with his partner Clay Williams.
Williams said the inspiration for the talking dog was the sight of a lone Chihuahua marching down a Venice sidewalk last spring that was “the absolute lord of its ‘hood.”
After the dog went by, the two partners looked at each other and said, “Now that would be a funny-ass commercial,” said Bennett.
–Michael McCarthy