Chevy Touts Green Credentials

DETROIT Chevrolet is launching a campaign to promote its stable of vehicles with an environmental conscience.

Chevy is the exclusive auto sponsor of, which is the online presence for Saturday’s Live Earth concerts.

The automaker will use that space to place online banner ads across all MSN platforms, including Hotmail and Windows Messenger. Print, out-of-home and more online ads will follow later this year.

The ads will focus on Chevy’s vehicles that get over 30 mpg, its stable of flexible-fuel vehicles, which can run on either ethanol blends or gasoline, and developing technologies for fuel cell and electric vehicles.

Print includes full-page ads in national newspapers and a 16-page insert in lifestyle and influencer pubs. Radio will include network spots and placement on XM Satellite Radio. The Web site is the go-to spot for the series of concerts being held worldwide, aimed at calling attention to what some people believe is manmade global warming.