Chevy SSR Launch Focuses on Events Marketing

DETROIT The first 25 Chevrolet SSR models off the assembly line will be part of the “Signature Series” and will be used in a yearlong national events marketing program. National Chevy agency Campbell-Ewald, Warren, Mich., is involved with parts of the project.

Unique “pedigrees” will be created for each vehicle. Previous to going on sale, Chevrolet will collect memorabilia, photographs, autographs, news coverage and other keepsakes that will document use of the vehicle. These collectibles will be placed in a special scrapbook and custom-designed metal “pedigree” box that will be provided with the vehicle when it is ultimately purchased.

Production of the SSR (Super Sport Roadsters) Signature Series began in December and will continue through May. All 25 will initially be identical in appearance and features. In addition, they will include items that will not be available on any other ’03 model year SSR, such as ultra-violet paint, and a Signature Series chromed badge will be numbered and “signed” by at least two GM or supplier team members directly associated with the SSR program.

Each of the cars will have unique themes and uses. For example, one car will serve as the back-up Pace Vehicle for the 2003 Indianapolis 500. Another will be used at Hollywood celebrity events. Several will spend the summer of 2003 on tour with different music groups.

Ultimately, all of the Signature Series SSRs (with the exception of one which will remain the property of GM) will be offered for sale through public or GM dealer auction during 2003. The memorabilia collected in association with the use of that particular vehicle will be included as part of the auction package.