Chevy Spending Back On Tracker

Small SUV Due To Get TV, Print, Promotions Beginning In January
DETROIT–Campbell-Ewald Advertising is putting the final touches on a $25 million campaign for General Motors’ remodeled Chevrolet Tracker.
Advertising for the Tracker during the last model year, the vehicle’s 10th, consisted only of a limited amount of print work, said Stephen J. Aiello, senior vice president and brand management supervisor at the Warren, Mich.-based agency.
The ’99 campaign, set to break Jan. 11, includes TV, print and outdoor ads, as well as Internet banners and an extensive direct mail push from sister agency C-E Communications, also in Warren. The first direct mail piece drops this week.
TV spots will air on network, spot and cable programming in prime-time, sports, early morning and late night slots, as well as during specials such as the Grammys and the Academy Awards. Print work will run in USA Today and in more than 25 magazines, including general, lifestyle, entertainment and sports titles.
All ads include a new tagline: “It gets around.” No tag was used this past year. Before the Geo brand was dropped in 1996 and its vehicles absorbed by Chevy, the tagline was, “Get to know Geo Tracker.”
Central to the campaign is a contest inviting consumers to identify the exotic location in which the Tracker is shown in TV and print ads headlined “Where’s the Tracker?” Entries can be made by mail or by visiting, where visitors can also request product information.
Three sweepstakes will run through 1999, with Trackers offered as prizes. Each phase of the campaign will include two different versions of a 30-second TV spot featuring the Tracker in a historical and rugged location. Clues will also appear in three print ads, direct mail and the Internet.
“The concept is, if it can handle the rugged terrain in these locations, it can definitely handle your everyday driving needs,” Aiello said.
All marketing efforts focus on the vehicle’s agility and durability, said Bridget McCarville, Chevrolet manager of passenger car advertising.
The division hopes to more than double sales from 22,000 units in 1998 to 50,000 in 1999. Small SUV sales have grown 36 percent since 1996.

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