Chevy Dealer Relies on ‘Strait Talk’

DALLAS Anderson Marketing Group delivers “Strait Talk About Cavender Chevy” in its new image campaign for the client. Each of the four TV spots will feature Cavender’s new spokesman, country music entertainer George Strait, the shop said.

The San Antonio agency created one 30-second and three 15-second spots for Cavender Chevy in Boerne, Texas, that break Aug. 4. Cavender is one of seven franchises in the Cavender Automotive Group that the shop represents.

The first spot opens with Stuart Cavender, owner of Cavender Chevy, and Strait sitting outside on a bench. Both dressed in country western wear, Strait holds his guitar in his lap and speaks directly to the camera.

“When I’m writing a song or singing one, I know I’m onto something special when it feels genuine, it feels honest. That’s how I measure everything I do. And I made that clear to Stuart here when he asked me to be a spokesman for Cavender Chevy.”

The camera pans over to Cavender and he says, “I told George not to worry. We’re out to sell you a Chevy, make no mistake, but we’re also here for the long haul, and that means treating you right.”

Strait finishes the spot by saying, “Since I bought my truck there, I’d have to agree. So go see Cavender Chevy and tell them to give you a ‘Strait’ deal—pure and simple.”

Shop president Julius Germano credits Cavender with the idea to use Strait as a spokesman. Cavender has sponsored Strait’s team-roping events in the past and many of Strait’s personal vehicles come from Cavender Chevy.

The effort includes radio, newspaper, posters and direct mail. The agency anticipates the commercials will air for a year or until the 2004 spots have been completed.

Annual billings for Cavender Chevy are undisclosed.