Chevrolet “Al’s Dealership”

One of the most anticipated returns to Super Bowl sponsorship this year is General Motors. GM is making a massive comeback play that starts during the pre-game and lasts all the way through the post-game and a special integration with Fox hit Glee. In this commercial, a Camaro is transformed into a roaring Transformer in a movie tie-in set on a Chevrolet dealership’s lot, where a local dealer named “Al” is promoting his “smashing” prices. Problem is when someone in a mascot costume bangs the hood of the car with a mallet to accentuate that fact, the yellow Camaro unfolds into bumblebee. The towering Transformer/Camaro won’t have any of the silliness, of course, and flings the offender out of the way. Chaos ensues, and the car returns to its original form with a high-powered tailspin. “Never mess with a Chevy,” says the voiceover, delivered as an overheard comment on the set. The ad is a lighthearted, humorous tactic to reinforce the classic sports car’s power in this “Chevy Runs Deep” execution. With the inherent interest in both the car brand and the blockbuster movie franchise, it’s likely to catch viewers’ attention even in the crowded car pileup in this year’s game.