Cheesy politics

Ahh, the power of cheese.
DDB’s debut work for Dairy Management Inc. has flirted with reality in North Carolina, where a congressional race pits Republican Robin Hayes against Democrat Peter Taylor.
The TV spot DDB created for cheese on behalf of DMI broke last month and featured two fictional candidates named Hayes and Taylor in a race defined by a horrible gaffe by Hayes, who admits in front of the TV cameras that he doesn’t like cheese. Taylor seizes the opening, declaring his love of cheese, and Hayes is quickly history. Even onetime senator and Presidential candidate turned Viagra pitchman Bob Dole chimes in, saying he finds Hayes to be a “doofus.”
DDB creatives claim no prior knowledge of the North Carolina race, naming the two cheese spot candidates after a couple of their own.
But no one’s complaining. The two North Carolina candidates have embraced the extra publicity, as has DMI.
–Trevor Jensen