Checking on the Class of 2007

What did last year’s high school graduates do after collecting their diplomas? A new report from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics offers a snapshot of where they were as of last October.

Of the nearly 3 million people in the graduating class of 2007, 67.2 percent were enrolled in colleges or universities — 68.3 percent of the women and 66.1 percent of the men. The vast majority (93.2 percent) were enrolled as full-time students. Nonetheless, many were also in the labor force — 37.3 percent of the full-time students, and 72.7 percent of the part-timers. Among 2007 high school graduates who didn’t go on to college, 76.6 percent were in the labor force, albeit with an unemployment rate of 19.9 percent.

The report also looked at the 426,000 people age 16-24 who dropped out of high school between October 2006 and October 2007. With a labor-force-participation rate of 56.2 percent and an unemployment rate of 26.9 percent, they were more likely to have time than money on their hands.

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