Check Out How Brands Are Going Big for Super Bowl XLVIII

If you are coming to New York for the Super Bowl, get ready to see some elaborate branding as you walk the city's streets. Adweek photographers shot the scene for this week's magazine, and we've put together a slideshow of outtakes for your viewing pleasure.


Soda giant makes Times Square fizz

Pepsi has four ginormous billboards overlooking one of the world's busiest spots for consumer foot traffic.


EY puts on the eye black

Global insights giant Ernst & Young is in the same boat as every other company that wants to attract millennial tech talent these days. The models for its huge football-themed billboard underscore that point, as does the copy, on a midtown Manhattan billboard for Super Bowl week.


Anheuser-Busch says, ‘Give me another’

Bud Light is making waves this week with a cruise ship take-over (read our "Marketers Are Pushing Hard to Be Seen at This Year’s Super Bowl" feature for all the details). But the brand isn't stopping there. Much like Pepsi, the beer has New York covered with out-of-home promos.


Coats maker is wisely topical

Expect a lot of chatter this week about the possible cold weather affecting the big game. Weatherproof hopes to sell many winter jackets to fans in Manhattan with this soaring ad.


Manhattan windows are prime real estate

It'd be interesting to know what Walgreens charged PepsiCo and Anheuser-Busch for these placements, wouldn't it? This photo is yet another example of how every inch of Gotham is subject to sales during an unprecendented week.


There’s an NFL gear paradise on these hallowed retail grounds

The Macy's presence on Super Bowl Boulevard should be interesting. At the same time, how about the retailer styling the entire fourth floor of its iconic Herald Square location with pro football merchandise this week? And as this photo shows, the brand clearly wants passers-by to know they can get geared up in its NFL Shop.

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