Check Out the N.Y. Home of Havas [Video]

Lower Manhattan's Hudson Square area, once home to mostly industrial tenants and printers, is now home to some of the world's biggest advertising agencies. In the heart of it, across from Horizon Media, is Havas Worldwide, one of 22 Havas "villages"—that's what the company calls its offices—around the world.

Havas Worldwide was joined by Havas Media, which recently won Safelite AutoGlass's business, to its office at 200 Hudson St. in 2014. The space is vast, even by New York standards, spanning more than 260,000 square feet and occupying the building's second through eighth floors. The move has allowed the company to bring together roughly 1,200 employees—all of whom work with clients like Dos Equis, New York Life and IBM—in one space, which features a two-story tech lab, a "magic kitchen" and an in-house video editing lab.

In the video above, Havas Media North America CEO Lori Hiltz and global chief content officer Vin Farrell show us some of their favorite parts of the office. 

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