Check Out The Bladers, the music, movie and video game e-commerce site started by Mike Ovitz, managed to get mileage out of the MTV Video Music Awards without spending oodles on a sponsorship.
The Beverly Hills, Calif., company, whose site officially launches Oct. 4, spent less than $10,000 to have 10 attractive roller bladers stationed outside New York’s Lincoln Center for the Sept. 9 show. The so-called “skatertisers,” hired from New York’s Adwheels, were each equipped with speakers blaring house music and a flat-screen TV monitor showing a 90-second promotional loop.
Bedecked in Checkout gear, the skaters gave out bottled water, paraphernalia and CDs.
The effort even prompted rapper Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs to roll down his limo window to check out the hubbub, said Adwheels creative director Laurance Rassin.
“We want to do things in the marketing space that are different, creative and smart, not the traditional stuff you see from every dot com,” said CheckOut marketing director Ann Garrett. –James Zoltak