check it out

Check-cashing offices are the latest venue to become a medium for advertising.
Interactive Advertising Network plans to set up more than 3,000 TV screens inside check-cashing facilities nationwide within the next year and a half, said Keith Lockhart, executive vice president of marketing and operations.
IAN is hoping to attract clients who want to target minorities: of the 3-5 million people who visit check cashing facilities monthly, almost 85 percent are Hispanic or African American, said Lockhart. “We are talking to them when they are deciding to spend money.”
Lockhart eschews the notion that IAN would exploit low-income consumers. “Over half the people that use check cashing business have bank accounts,” he said, adding that check cashing venues offer wire transfers, lottery tickets and stamps. “Its not the down and dirty image that one has of check cashing establishments.”
To that end, IAN will not screen alcohol and tobacco ads, and hopes to run PSAs in addition to commercials.
–Sloane Luca