A pair of legs walks across the screen. Then a blonde doll in a bikini is photographed on the beach, accompanied by a beach ball and horse. Meanwhile, the hands of the person moving her about come into view.

“We don’t spend a lot on supermodels,” says the voiceover, “so you don’t spend a lot on NatraTaste.”

This spot is one of two 15-second ads by Pedone & Partners in New York for Stadt Corp.’s NatraTaste sugar substitute. The other commercial shows a toy blimp being moved by a very visible hand above a stadium, accompanied by fake-sounding blimp noises. “We don’t spend a lot on big-ticket blimps,” says the voiceover, citing NatraTaste’s value.

The tagline: “Same sweetener as Equal at a sweeter price.”

Tom Cook, Pedone creative director, said NatraTaste is a “competitive, confrontational brand” with a loyal following. “It’s an opportunity to kind of be the aggressors,” said Cook of the spots’ quirky tone.

The ads break today on broadcast TV. Prior work by the shop for the Brooklyn, N.Y., client’s brand showed that buying Equal instead of NatraTaste is as strange as a host of odd situations.