Chateau D’Yquem Or 2-Buck Chuck?

If Americans are drinking themselves into early graves, they aren’t doing it on wine. A Harris Poll of people who drink wine found 73 percent of them buy the stuff no more than once a month (including purchases made by others in the same household). Sixteen percent said they darken the wine store’s door two or three times a month; 8 percent buy wine once a week, while a dissolute 3 percent do so two or more times per week. The relative infrequency of such purchases is not dictated by the price of the wine consumers typically buy. As you can see from the chart below, wine buyers in this country tend to make do with the proverbial unassuming little bottle. Still, there is the occasional spree. Asked whether they’ve ever bought themselves a bottle of wine whose price was at least $30, more than one-third of wine buyers (36 percent) said they have. Meanwhile, the survey found consumers quite willing to try wine from countries whose output they don’t currently buy. For instance, while 32 percent have bought or drunk Australian wine, 52 percent would consider buying it; 23 percent have had German wine, but 48 percent would consider buying it. The U.S. is the only country whose wine is bought by a majority of wine drinkers in this country, with 91 percent doing so. Italy is the runner-up (44 percent), followed by France (40 percent).