Houston-based computer company eyes five shops for $300 million global prize.
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All Fired Up
Foundation Ads Target Philip Morris
The next round of anti-smoking ads from the American Legacy
Foundation takes aim at Philip Morris, featuring body bags piled outside the tobacco company’s New York headquarters, sources said. Meanwhile, the first wave of the “Truth” campaign breaks today. See story on page 5.

another one
bites the dust
One of the last remaining U.S.
independents was acquired last week
by a French holding
company. Autonomy and an understanding of what “makes us tick” is what attracted Pat Fallon to Maurice Lƒvy and Publicis.
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Surfing for shop
As it looks to build Web-site traffic, is talking
to six agencies
about an account
that could be worth $25 million. Big
networks and small shops from New York to San Francisco
are in the running.
A campaign is due
in May.
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the slobs shall
inherit the earth
Bates USA has a
message for American youth: If you don’t vote, political races will be decided by slackers. The shop’s new effort for The Ad Council takes a “hard line” on the issue,
said Bates Worldwide creative director
John Fawcett.
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RED all over
Saatchi & Saatchi beat two finalists to land the $60 million account of Prism Communication Services, a New York ISP that markets itself under the
brand name Red.
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Supe’s on
OK, we were wrong:
It was a great game. But can the same
be said for the
advertising that aired during Super Bowl XXXIV? To answer that question, Adweek commissioned an exclusive viewer poll, with surprising results. Plus, our Monday-morning quarterback, Barbara Lippert, critiques the big-game ads.
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