Charting The State Of Cool

A study by Burrell Communications in Chicago suggests a commercial starring actor Will Smith clad in Tommy Hilfiger fashions would be “da bomb” among young African Americans.
The “Burrell Barometer” survey is part of an effort to stay on top of the ever-changing world of what’s relevant –what’s “hip,” if you will–in the all-important youth market.
“That’s a very hard area, especially for us adults, to stay abreast of,” said Alvin Styles, director of research services at Burrell.
Research for the nonscientific poll consisted of phone interviews with 100 teens living in predominately African American areas of 15 major markets, Styles said. Forty percent of the youths used the words “tight,” “cool” or “straight” to describe those they admire. Topping the list of favorite celebrity categories were actors and actresses, followed by rap and rhythm and blues musicians, comedians and athletes. Hilfiger was far and away the favorite designer brand.
While the words “dope,” “fly,” “phat” and “wack” are last year’s news, “whatever,” “played” and “da bomb” remain cool. –Trevor Jensen