Charlotte, N.C.

Home to the second largest banking center in the nation, Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., adding about 70,000 new residents each year. The Charlotte media market is moving up in the Nielsen and Arbitron ranks, too. For the current season, Charlotte nosed out Indianapolis to become the 25th largest TV market with a 3.8 percent increase in TV households.

Last fall, Arbitron redefined the market (to Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill), increasing the population included in its measurement area by 30 percent and bumping up the market’s rank from No. 33 to No. 25.

Charlotte is also a hot market for out-of-home–four of five Charlotte residents travel 50 or more miles a week while 39 percent travel 200 miles or more, earning the market a No. 7 rank among major cities in outdoor advertising, according to Scarborough. Adams Outdoor, the fourth largest outdoor company in the nation, dominates the market with about 96 percent of the local assets.

The company is completing the build-out of 19 digital billboards, of which 16 will make up the single largest network of digital boards in the U.S. It