Charity Riders’ Tour De Texas

A seven-day, 575-mile bicycle tour endured by Rives Carlberg account executive Brian Fisher was not only physically draining, but had quite an emotional toll as well.
The Houston ad man took part in the 1998 Texas AIDS Ride, helping to raise $2,800 of the $3.2 million collected for 43 state charities.
The Oct. 5-11 circuit from Austin to Houston to Dallas not only had Fisher and 701 other bikers averaging 82 miles a day, but also enduring heavy rains and sporadic warnings of flash floods and tornados.
During one foul stretch of weather, the event’s participants had to seek emergency shelter in the Giddings (Texas) High School gymnasium. The next morning, climatic hazards forced riders to abandon their two-wheelers and board a bus for the trip to Sealy, Texas.
Fisher, who trained seven months for the charity ride, said, “I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. But the event ended up being so much more emotional than physical to me.”
“It was definitely the most rewarding thing I have ever done,” he said. –Glen Fest