Chandelier Creative Decamps to an Artsy East Hampton Retreat

Richard Christiansen, founder and creative director of New York-based Chandelier Creative, is a rarity in today’s agency world. While most indie shop heads pat themselves on the backs for generous Christmas bonuses, Christiansen took his crew on a soul-searching trip to Japan last year. So it should come as no surprise that he keeps an East Hampton, N.Y., creative retreat—dubbed the Mermaid Ranch—for employees and friends to use. There is even an artist-in-residence program where the rent is paid with three personal Instagram posts and three pieces of content for Christiansen and company to also post to Instagram. And Christiansen knows the space must foster creativity and community, so he outfits it with luxury furniture and creations by famous and visiting artists. Most of all, everything has a meaning. “The only thing we kept when we moved in was the shag carpet in the great room, which was custom made for the house when it was built in the early ‘60s,” Christiansen said.


Projects in Progress

“The Post-it notes reflect [artist in residences’] ever-expanding collective thoughts, [and they] will be combined with 100 Polaroids of our experience and become part of a printed accompaniment titled The Ranch,” explained Christiansen


On a Boat

The canoe is used year round and usually is taken out for daily sunrise and sunset trips. 



Inspired by an exhibit at The Barbican Centre, “[artist Ricardo Cavolo] is now creating a large family in the forest around Mermaid Ranch, which is much more layered and relevant than the original inspiration, because it focuses on the Syrian refugee crisis,” Christiansen said.


Sculpture Garden

 Christiansen purchased the sculpture at artist Paul Kasper’s estate sale.


Craft Center

 Every inch of space showcases inspiration.


Family Meals

 Christiansen built the 24-person table himself using reclaimed wood.

This story first appeared in the June 20, 2016 issue of Adweek magazine.
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